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IOH welcomed its first residents in 1992. Since then, over 500 families have graduated the program.  Forty-seven of these families became first-time homeowners directly after leaving IOH, and we project that more will do so in 2017.

IOH defines 'success' as families that stay together, remain free of any government assistance, and maintain private, independent housing for 5 years post-graduation. Of those that receive follow-up services, 90% of IOH graduates are successful in these goals and become confident, contributing members of society. 

Two program components play the most significant role in each family's transformation: safe housing and mandatory monthly savings. IOH allows parents and children to live together in a private apartment, regardless of the gender or age of the family members.  The required savings of at least $500/month allows parents to invest in themselves and their children, building up funds that expand their options and potential upon graduation.

Typically, families save an average of $10,000 during their stay at IOH, but many go above and beyond this number. These funds go toward debt and future private housing. It doesn't always happen right away, but many of our graduates have been approved for financing and become homeowners after leaving IOH. 

Although more difficult to track, the intangible impact of IOH is just as powerful. Parents experience increased self-esteem as they identify and attain specific goals.  Confidence grows from improving their earning potential and savings.  A sense of pride develops as they take care their family and secure their future.  Children are inspired by their parents' accomplishments and have renewed hope as their family situation becomes secure and stable. Such incalculable results are neither quick nor easy, but do result in lasting, impactful change that benefits families for generations. 

You too can empower working families and witness the miracle of transformation. Contact us to find out further information. 

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